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Hula Hoop Girl

hula-hoop-girlYou were out walking one day and you see her, the hula hoop girl. She dances like no one is watching completely in love with her hula hoop. Who is she?

She is the hula hoop girl.

She spreads joy where ever she goes.

Funny thing, at one point I was just like you. I was the person watching the hula hoop girl. Mesmerized by her beauty and grace. I wanted to be just like her. I was 20 at the time. Coming from a self conscious background and looking to escape myself.

It’s funny to find yourself in a hula hoop. Of all the places, who would have thought.. a hula hoop?

It’s a hula hoop girl who starts it and sometimes a hula hoop boy.

Hula hoop girls seem to be almost angelic, whirling and twirling around and around. I never thought I could be a hula hoop girl after spending the first 3 months of my practice having it fall to my feet over and over again. I would have given everything to be good at it right there and then. Yet, now looking back I wouldn’t give up my learning process for anything in the world.

Because in between all that whirling and twirling I began having a conversation with myself. I began to listen to my body. To feel it rather than tell it how to feel. I lost weight, became more aware, more curious and happier.

That was back in 2009, seems like a lifetime ago now. After years of honing my skills and learning how to be more myself through my hula hoop, I’d like to share this girl with you. It has been my friend in my happiest times and darkest times. It has been my teacher and my mentor. It keeps me going when I don’t think I can go anymore.

If I can give you just 5% of what this plastic hoop has given me then it will be mission accomplished.

At one point a hula hoop girl inspired me and now I’m the hula hoop gift and I’d like to share this girl with you.

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