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Hula Hoop Thief

What kind of hardened criminal steals hula hoops?!?!

A few weekends ago I went to Woodbine beach and brought my LED hula hoop. While we waited for the fireworks to start I decided to hula hoop. It’s mesmerizing to watch, it’s as if all of your troubles wash away as you watch someone twirl with a hula hoop. That’s why I love Gorilla hula hooping (going random places and busting some serious hula hoop skills). Because it breaks people out of the monotony of everyday life. We’re so used to seeing the same old things day after day but somehow a hula hoops kicks us to the gut and reminds us to live.

Sadly, 2 weeks ago a someone my car which had all of my hula hoops in it, a hula hoop thief!

This was the result.


Even though my car was smashed I thought maybe just maybe my hula hoops were in the trunk.

No such luck. What kind of hardened criminal steals hula hoops!?!? (angry emoticon)

The shitty thing is I didn’t just loose my hula hoops. I lost the tool that allowed me to give and have experiences like the one below…

It kills me that this stupid act of crime has cut off my ability to share what I love and bring joy to others.

I could really use your help.

With the new added expense of replacing my car, a LED hula hoop does not seem to be in the works.


I’m pretty good with a hoop and people often pay me to come and perform at their parties. What if I got 5 people, just 5 to pre-pay for an LED and/or fire hoop performance? I could then buy myself a new hula hoop and I get to perform for some kick ass people.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

If you want to book then fill out the form below and let me confirm that those dates can work. If you don’t have a party coming up then PLEASE share this with a friend. I can make your friends birthday, wedding or annual get together the envy of the neighbors.

Fill out my online form.
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P.S if you would like to donate to the “LEDhoopfun” I will personally send you a thank-you card(may include glitter) and you will get an invite to my private BONFIRE OF THE CENTURY party on June 27th in Markham, ON. Just be sure to include your address in the notes when you send an email money transfer to melodie (at) melodieofmovement.com

Hoop Joy to all!