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About Melodie Moore

Melodie Moore has been hula hooping since 2009. While living in Lake Louise, AB she discovered it through a colleague. This girls name isĀ Babz Robinson, she then took classes with Babz for 6 months.

Looking at her now you might think, “Wow, it comes so easily”. Back in 2009 that was not the case. Those classes were mostly spent trying to keep the hoop on her waist. She looked at the others and watched Babz with envy, wanting so much to embody the beauty and grace she exuded while hula hooping.

Melodie Moore, like so many new hoopers thought, if only I could have a smaller, lighter hoop then I could look like that too. She didn’t like it but kept with her 42 inch hoop. Overtime understanding that the heavier hoop was helping her to feel her body, to understand it’s movements. There is a conversation that is created when you start hula hooping.

melodie moore

In our fast paced world we forget how to listen to our bodies. The hula hoop allows up a sort of telephone to listen. It becomes clear that we are not listening when the hoop drops. It is obvious where as so often, it is too easy to ignore our bodies and intuition.

Melodie Moore’s hoop practice has become the food for her soul. It is the fire which has allowed her to step into the world with purpose, curiosity and passion. Many people do not understand what a great teacher the hoop can be. Because they have not taken the time to listen. There are many great teachers in this world, if we take the time to stop and listen.

Melodie Moore now feels like it is her duty and responsibility to share this gift with others. To teach others how a plastic hula hoop can be a guide through out life’s trials and tribulations. She performs, teachers workshops and small 1-3 person groups.

Melodie of Movement-by shayne gray