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Toronto Hoop

So you’ve been travelling the city and suddenly you see a Toronto hoop girl or boy and now
you’re hooked.


If you’re looking for a fun way to meet some new people, get in touch with your body and enjoy yourself then you’re in the right place. I could go on and on about how the hoop changes people lives but that’s not what this is about. If you’d like to learn more about how the hoop changes people lives you can go here.

Let’s go over some basic’s about Toronto hoop.

First things first, you need a hoop.

If you are an adult, USE AN ADULT HOOP. Yes, it’s more money and it will also stay up much easier. The bigger and heavier the hoop the easier it is. Let me repeat that, the bigger and heavier the hoop the EASIER it is. Be careful with weighted hoops. You do not want one over 1.5 lbs as there is a higher likely hood that you will hurt yourself. Your spine is just not used to that much weight, be kind to your spine. The rule of thumb is to have the hoop come up to your waist. Typically people start with a 38 inch for smaller people, 40 for med people and 42 for the heavier set.

You can pop down to the Fairies Pyjamas in Kensington market and pick one up for about $35 – $80.

Well rounded hoops is Toronto based and will make you a hoop. They can ship it to but you can also get a custom one and arrange pick up.

Brass Vixens also sells hoops.

I buy my hoops online from Synergy Flow Arts. You can email me and I can order you one next time I get an order or go straight to their site and pick one up.

Next you have 3 options, you can be a …..

Hermit hooper!
This means you don’t want to leave your house or living room and dread the thought of hooping
in front of other. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Do your thing and when you feel like you’ve got
enough confidence come out and hoop with us, we’re lovely people. In the meantime check out this great online community called Hoopcity and Hooping.org to keep in the hoop loop.

Jam Hooper
This type of hooper likes the casual jam sessions. You basically meet up with some other people and hoop.
There is no structure and people pretty much do their thing, enjoy themselves and are generally pretty willing to share their knowledge. There are jams all over the city. One of the bigger ones is called silent jam and it runs on Monday nights at Dovercourt. You can jam in the east side, west side and north side!

Class act hooper
This type of hooper wants to be taught and have a highly skilled instructor teach them. If you want to get good fast then this is the way to go. Even if you don’t want to get “good” it’s a great way to get some basics down so you can rock out at the jams. There is this awesome moment in hooping where you learn to dance with it and classes help you get there. Sugar hoops is the main hoop teaching group in Toronto. They push the hoop envelope and keep their classes new and fresh, I LOVE THESE LADIES!. You can also find classes at the Brass Vixens

What is the Toronto press saying about hoops in Toronto?

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